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The power of souls is beyond any artifice. We are made from and by it, and we rise or fall in part by that power in others.

Romantic Maturity in Romance


One reaches romantic maturity when they have accepted their “opposite” side, and instead of looking for their opposite, they look for the truly “other.” Someone who’s total self is genuinely other than they are. Who can actually contribute to their life experience, and who will actually value their contributions.

In the romantically immature stage, we “fall in love” with the one we can identify with. Which is fine when our self awareness is shallow, but it can never last. We eventually need the truly “other.” That person we don’t really understand at all, but who we can open our heart to. I over exaggerate of course. We are all human so there is a degree of understanding no matter how different they are. But yes, we are at first in love with “our self” before we mature and can become in love with the “world.”

What about the talk of twin souls? Twin souls is a poetic phrase, and it can be that someone is so ideally paired with you that they feel like they always belonged. They are your perfect spiritual fit, hypothetically speaking, but an actual twin is natures “clone.” If they do copy your every mental and spiritual feature or almost all, how could they be a good match for you? They could be very deep friends.

It is told that they are your polar opposite. Oh I see, well the spiritual polar opposite can exist in a general sense, yes. But they, like you, will have shifts, fluctuations. So the oppositions wouldn’t be clear cut.

I would think you would need some common ground? Yes. The “gray area” is necessary for even communication.

That you were born from the same energy, but divided in male and female? It’s true, but too general a statement to be useful, because in fact we all originate from the same “life” force. But this life force has widely varying (maybe even infinitely varying) traits, and there is something that happens with complimentarity that sets up a resonance in the world that … Well, people notice it do they not? Like a Cleopatra/Mark Anthony couple, though without the tragedy necessarily.

When two people complement each other? Yes. The drama isn’t an aspect of the complimentarity. It’s a symptom of imbalance.

They make each other complete? But it’s not so much that they were incomplete as individuals. They can be complete as individuals, but together there is a synergy that their lives need and will flourish in. In nature, everything is about synergy. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy is either constructive and gives a sense of “completion”, or it’s destructive and gives a sense of emotional and spiritual static.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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