It would be much more honest to say, ‘See you yesterday.’ For most, it’s what they see.

Accept the Presence of Night and Day in Goetia


In the beginning was darkness, and in the fullness of time there came to be both a night and day, and this was necessary, good for the well-being of all life. These elements of natural order haven’t changed and will not, but when humans come to accept the presence of the dark as well as the day, the balance of fear as well as love, then the peace and enlightenment everyone seeks will be possible. For as long as we want the cookie without the tooth decay, we will continue to struggle and know fear as we do now.

As for what this means on the human level… Rather than warring factions, perhaps we need embassies. Those who know the dark alongside those who know the light. Each point being considered fully and offered for consideration to others by people to whom it is native.

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Or those that understand the balance of both. Yes, not just two camps however. Many camps need representing.

Isn’t fear just an awareness of our physical limitations? It blows out of proportion in our minds. Fear is the awareness of the tendency of cycles to reverse themselves. Like the vortex in the tub, it spins first one way, but can reverse and spin the other. We decide that one direction is our preferred way so we come to fear the other, feel loss when it naturally occurs, but like a mirror, both directions can mirror the same object. The left handed spin can reflect your face. The right handed spin can also reflect your face. When balanced correctly neither causes disruption.

The middle of the wheel. Yes, the still point.

I see things as decaying, other people see things as growing and building. The growing point of view doesn’t help removal of problems. The decaying point of view doesn’t help sustenance of positive systems. But together, you have something greater than either point of view taken individually.

That is the breathing. Babies first cry versus the death rattle. We do both countless times throughout our lives.

If Lady Luck seems to have stolen your shoes, don’t worry about it. She’s no different really than your next door neighbour and just as likely to change her mind. If Father Time keeps insisting you get off his lawn, again don’t worry about it. Just remember to bring some cookies and be prepared to share, because time passes best when we share our lives with others.

The in-between time is good too. It is. We can live well with all of our relations, even the daemons.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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