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You can change reality mearly by correctly directing peoples focus.

Dragon Intuitive Way in General


The way is not just in this world. It’s in every world, but its iterations make it seem mysterious. Even unrecognizable if you go far. The way is in all worlds, and all spirits walk it, even the human. They are just stumbling right now. What they truly desire they will keep. They don’t value condemnation. The judges will be forsaken, the forsaken will be ennobled.

It is all they have to hold on to, but they will eventually trade their lead for something lighter. The first matter forces that, if gravity can be said to force us to remain on the ground.

But the hands that man was meant to use in spirit, they are not yet. Idle hands have done harm in the spirit. They are playing with themselves, then wondering why they are tired and hungry. It is fun, but one must diversify their actions.

I don’t like time, and my mind doesn’t see it right. What is this strange illusion they like so much? There is only the infinite now. Those who remember the dream time, they know this truth about time. If you ask an Australian aboriginal (at least a traditional one) what time is it, they will say now. There is no time. There is order, and yes polarity. But it is a polarity of a whole, and like a circuit the polarity gives rise to these finite realities.

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