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To dismiss something because it seems obvious has been the source of many grievous errors even in the most concrete disciplines.

Tree Of Shadow Followers in Tree Of Shadow

Tree of Shadow

Any questions about the tree of shadow, or what someone who really follows it is like?

What are they like? How do we spot them? They acquire an earthy, elemental quality. They have a positive reductionism. When all is seen as ash and coal you sort out the diamonds. No horror shakes them, no loss stops them in their tracks. No loss stops them, and they create loss to clear the way for everyone’s gain. The reveal lies by telling the lie bluntly, or showing the lie in their behaviour, in their freedom from it. They share what they have which is space to move, and they speak of useful things rather than valuable things. They prefer what can be done over what can be enjoyed. They prefer what can be created over that which already is. They tend to be a bit contrarian, but not in a blind way. To my view, they are just as “holy” as a light seeker.

What should one do if one thinks they are getting caught in sloth or hedonism or something? Embrace the demon. See the demon in your neighbour. Realize it’s nature. Learn it’s names. When you realize the name of the demon is your own name, you will be free. Find someone or something that clearly illustrates the negativity of the vice. This will make you aware of your choice and remind you to actually make it.

An example would be lust. Look for someone who looks at you like a piece of meat. This will remind you of what you desire more. The face of the demon is the face of the hedonist. The empty headed teenage girl who just can’t stop talking about clothes and make-up, or the face of the apathetic who can share your joy in nothing. The list goes on.

In Buddhism, they say to imagine the person as flesh, blood and bones in all it’s true detail. This is why demons are often shown as dead.

Go as deep as you can, imagine it’s decay etc. The poo in your intestines, the puke fluid in your tummy, the snot in your sinuses and down your throat, even in your belly.

So don’t fear the reaper, but don’t flirt with it either. If you have a connection with the reaper, demon, whatever, you will feel it, and if you feel it don’t judge yourself. In that situation, give up reconciliation. Don’t try to rectify or correct yourself at all. Include in that not correcting anyone else either. This takes the edge off the passions. When you don’t make them a fight, when lust and greed are no big deal, then you can actually learn from them and come to realize that your wisdom is no less than anyone else’s. An overblown vice is as pointless as an overblown virtue, and the vices become overblown when one seeks atonement, rationalization or justification of the vice.

So shadow or light be at peace. Look and listen and check the road signs. Consider asking a native and everything will be all right.

Indulge but don’t delude yourself? Exactly. Above all else to thine own self be true, and thus as the night follows the day thou can not be false to any man, woman, child or house cat either, or dog. When you keep it real, you realize that in reality we are all holy. We are all brothers and sisters, and that we all live under heaven.

I find this insight useful. If you knew for a fact this was your final and eternal fate, this is all there is or would ever be, how would you behave? You’re damned forever or forever forgiven.

You mean this earth or this universe? This earth, this life you are living right now.

Enjoy it. Exactly. So please my friends, do so, and don’t be afraid to wander around. Take a look at that road less taken. There is nothing wrong with a full life, if it’s not a blind life.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Sean

    What if one were to be between light and dark, serving neither, what would he gain assistance from?

    • Travis

      All of us are between those two points. No one is untouched by the opposite and are at turns assisted or interfered with by both. Then there’s the kingdom itself, nature, malkuth. Nature (including human nature) being the third point.

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