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Death is an illusion. Every atom in your body is immortal. After is illusory. After is an afterthought when you weren’t otherwise paying attention. “Don’t be afraid.” “You die now.” Living death? Better than the alternative. I would rather live death than die my life. I died yesterday and the day before. I never felt so alive.

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Sometimes you can crave things that aren’t very good for you? That’s not from instinct. Addiction is a human trait. Most animals will sniff beer and refuse to drink, and they flee smoke.

My first power animal was a skunk! Oh yes, mustelids are quite spirited. If you need to understand determination, watch a skunk. Skunks power is to be yourself no matter what. I once encountered a skunk rummaging behind a grocery store, it squared off with me and made an angry noise and stamped its front paws. It began slowly to turn around, I did too and walked off. We all have a skunk inside, and it can be your power animal.

Animals also make troubles? Oh indeed. I’m not trying to put them forward as saints. In fact, how often do our elder siblings fail to provide a good model for conduct?

A human being is a thinking animal to me? Indeed, and the current official scientific opinion is that animals are also capable of thought.

Can you imagine if people mummified there pets? Which they often did in Egypt and even elsewhere.

Would you to that with a person? They did. It wasn’t just the Pharos in the tomb, and there are even now life gems. They are set in jewelry that becomes a family heirloom. My mom had a ring with the birthstones of me and my siblings set in it. Why not a lifestone?

Mummies had foreign inclusions in them because it was believed they would benefit from that magic. In theory if you use stone power, you could do it with a lifestone too, amulets and such.

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