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The rebel is a slave. You can breath deeply and declare yourself free. You are just watching another dance.

Arbitrary Moralism in Darkness


A lot of people look at darkness as a negative. I’m not one who does. Nor am I. This is why we have the discussion group on spiritual darkness in Second Life. It’s to learn from this side of the truth also.

When others refer to driving back the darkness, I know they mean the unwanted and destructive things. Driving back the darkness is self delusion.

I agree. For me, darkness is about silence and stillness. A place of reflection and introspection. A lot of things that others would classify as dark, I wouldn’t. Darkness isn’t unholy, though perhaps it is in a moralistic sense.

Nothing is unholy, is it? Not unless you espouse an arbitrary moralism, and most do.

Arbitrary moralism seems more the norm, although I find it unwanted from my current view. A convenient pretence and mask. Unwanted by you, or by others? Unwanted by me. A cloak to wear among those who do not understand. They see the cloak and say “ooh… dark thing.” It has been said in ancient traditions, I believe it was the Persian, that one should wear the outer robe of the law and the inner robe of the mystic. This means appear to be what’s expected, but actually be what you really are.

Isn’t that hypocrisy though? Hmm, it’s “mystery.” Mystery has been held sacred by many of the traditions that would likewise cry hypocrite. If in your inner being you are true to yourself, then you project the mystery. Their seeing is shallow. The mystery is the best way to show them the holes in the veil. If you give them all the right messages, and yet they still see you as different, nothing else is more in keeping with the way of realization.

What does arbitrary moralism mean exactly? Hmm, prejudiced conduct to keep it simple. Espousing of values without having a requirement of experiential verification.

When we judge, we assign either positive or negative values to that which we judge. To be arbitrary is to make judgement. Moralism is strictures and guidelines of behaviour set in place for the use of all by some institution. Oppressive I feel. Use of all, use all. This makes people very useful. This even makes them obsess over life purpose. This is perhaps the essence of the approved question in orthodox religion. It‘s really the one approved question.

I think moralism has probably evolved. People ‘know’ what’s right and wrong, but really it’s just right if it helps the species. There is no barometer of right and wrong. I would say there is, but it’s “subjective” so it can’t be reasonably enforced on others.

If questioned, I’m pretty nihilistic, but I don’t live my life that way. Well, I have a diagnosis of an “autism” spectrum disorder, so I am perhaps a living embodiment of nihilism.

Nihilism that is to destroy everything? No, nihilism wouldn’t see the point of destroying anything. Nihilism (from the Latin nihil, nothing) is the philosophical position that values do not exist, but rather are falsely invented.

A spirituality of apathy? It could devolve into that, but in my experience that isn’t what it has to be.

Humans need values so they make them up. They don’t really exist. There is no ‘true’ value or point. Some of us don’t perceive what motivates humans to create values systems, so they are not nurtured by these systems, and are dubbed “self absorbed.”

People can perceive values. I can perceive values, but they are ‘made up’ and not ‘truths’. And generally incoherent.

They are a social construction that people think are true, because they tend to seem logical and help the species. But you have to therefore think there is a ‘truth’ or purpose. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is. We are just a load of tiny robots operating in such a way that makes us think we are conscious and with purpose. Interesting. :smile: Well, this robot is very good at pattern recognition, and feeling ill at ease with the communication from the system, it began focusing on what might be behind it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Mike Cooke

    All of us were children and absorbed a world view from family, community and corporate controlled television. The diversity of the species is an evolutionary advantage to the survival of the species. Therefore, maybe, it is all good that some people never relinquish cultural conditioning and others do.

    There is no alternative. Just having a culture means people will be born into it and conditioned to accept it both rigidly and superficially.

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