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Look within and look around. You are not lost.

Trust Feeling in Burden


Control is putting the brakes on life. It has limited use. In fact, there is a simple guide for when you actually need to exert control. The same thing that makes you avoid cooking your hand on the stove, makes you avoid being locked into things that hurt you, unless you interrupt this.

Common sense? Deeper than common sense. I don’t trust common sense. I trust feeling. When someone gets to ordering you about, do you analyze it intellectually or have a feeling first?

Feeling. Trust those feelings, which are different than emotions. Emotional sensation is another word for it. You can have an emotional sensation from anything you are thinking about. Like getting an upset stomach from eating too much sugar, you get emotional upset from toxic thinking.

Feeling actually gives you a physical sensation. It does, and it differs from emotion. It is more immediate, and does it have anything to do with your thinking, really?

A twist in your gut or some confusion, your breath changes, and your heart rate. I think that is why irritable bowels go along with burden. Yes. Physical illness is often emotional illness, but feeling is a sense, like eyesight. You don’t have to sit and ponder, “Did I really see something?” You just know you see it, but emotion takes up thought doesn’t it?

Interpretation? Yes, feeling needs none.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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