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Words are Children of Spirit in Nihilistic Animism

Nihilistic Animism

People have spoken of a special class of spirit, and this is what we encounter most in the virtual world of Second Life. Why do people hate drama in Second Life?

They come here to escape it. But they don’t escape it do they? The reason being is Second Life puts us face to face with the spirit of some of our most intimate stuff, our words. How do we treat words? What are words? Your first response.

Some fly off the handle others just laugh or don’t reply. I’ve seen people act in different ways over the same choice of words. Actually, it’s not the same choice of words because words relate to words. Words are seen as things so we treat them poorly and with little empathy.

The intention of the speaker is not clear so people fill in their own? Actually, not so. It’s not data. Remember where I said words come from? People aren’t just spewing data at you. Data is nihilistic. They are spewing words at you. They are different aren’t they?

Data has no emotion behind it. But words do, even words that aren’t officially words, like wow and um. Remember earlier I spoke of connection or disconnection? When we are disconnected from words we are treating them as things, using them for their purpose. It can be necessary. Words are the children of spirit. They are willing to do work, so are you. They are also willing to resist your intention, defy your will. Ever have words behave willfully with you?

It comes out the wrong way? Like the words have minds of their own. They do perhaps, and do words always get along with other words? Would it make sense to say words are territorial spirits? They aren’t always, and it depends on the words you have befriended. They behave differently. High society words and low. Have words and have not words. They say you rise or fall to the level of the company you keep.

Now perhaps when you feel like the other person isn’t hearing you, it’s because you haven’t actually noticed their words. Perhaps they aren’t willfully ignoring you. Perhaps their word friends and allies are screening you out? If your words never include diplomats, how would things turn out?

We had a debate when I lived in Scotland as to whether they spoke English or Scottish. They likely say they speak Scottish, and it could also be said that people in the States speak American. I am hearing word police here. They have their role to play also, as do word lawyers and word doctors.

I have my own word police in my head. Yes, and you have word doctors. Words said to make people feel better. But notice how those don’t work when you treat words as things?

I use formal words when I want to sound mature but only if I know what they really mean. Oh, boo boo boo is a meaningless phrase, but when we say it to babies it often makes them laugh. So is it meaningless really?

I’m sure making someone laugh is just as pleasurable as making them orgasm. It can be, but the nature of the relationship between laughter and orgasm is different. Different nations with different language.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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