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Activating Kundalini in Chakras


Can you give us a step by step methodology to activate our chakras/kundalini?

  1. First be still, in being still you head the body. Still all choice, still all will, still feeling, still speech. Look not here or there.  Be still and know. The crown chakra is the seat of knowing. It’s the first link.
  2. Then choose from stillness.  Know it. From stillness know right or left, good or bad. Let them join.
  3. Then be moved. Know that neither day or night are complete and you move from day to night, night to day. Any extreme is you, and in seeing both extremes you are free of extremism. But you don’t know it until you are moved to act.
  4. Then feel. Love. Know this wisdom in the world that is also in your body, in your central being.
  5. Then see, for at that point you will see. The life in you will have moved out into the world, and then return to knowing.

Acting in this way your spirit never dies. The inner fire only knows growth. The soul is fed. You know who and where you are.

Can you recognize the levels of consciousness? Do you know the root influence when you feel it? Focus at root first, then work your way up. Be the animal before you can be the man. Engage the chakras.

So the way to activate them is to focus on them while meditating? Well, yes and to engage their consciousness. Their impulses. Be the root. Be the animal. Take a lazy day and feel your body. Eat some food you might not just because it smells appetizing.  You will move on from there.

How do you engage their consciousness? Place your awareness there. We have a point our minds create. It’s where we focus our attention and it is movable. It might be easier to place your focus beneath your seat without moving your eyes. Literally beneath that part of ourselves we euphemistically call a seat, under your torso between your legs. No worries about limbs. See what happens when you think under there. Focus on that area until you note something. Is there some vibration that emanates from there? Is the quality of your focus changed? More driven? That is the consciousness of the root chakra.

This is your chakra, but you can’t seem to harness it? Breath into it. Like breathing from the bottom up instead of the top down as people tend to do. You can pull energy through the vibrating point. All chakras both absorb and emit. Imagine the energy or air flowing through it as you breath. Imagine it flowing up. But first you must know the chakra, then empower it.

How do you know the chakra? They are natural centers of consciousness. Focus your attention now in front of you, as if you were covering your belly perhaps just over the navel. Do this for each chakra. Get to know each chakra, then know and move your energy. It is like bootstrapping your energy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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