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Patterns of Connection in Nihilistic Animism

Nihilistic Animism

We all express and develop a pattern of connection like a spiritual web and just as webs can vary in their appearance and even function, so can styles of connection. We filter really all of our experience through these, some more stable, some less, some clear, some heavily mixed up, though perhaps no absolute model of a proper web of connections.

Are these connections established as children? Yes. Our brains as well as our spirits seek these, and they form even before what we conventionally call our conscious mind does. They show up in our dreams very clearly.

Now there are two states any connection can be in, harmonious or attuned, and disharmonious or disconnected. One is not necessarily better than the other. When two people are in a fight, does it help for a third person to take someone’s side? So there are times and situations where you do not want to connect with a person, place or thing.

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Unless there is some basic injustice at hand. That is true with the further elaboration that in order to see the fairness or unfairness involved you must first be willing to see it in a disconnected point of view.

A judge can’t be in the middle and make no sentence can they? The judge makes their sentences based on the bigger picture rather than the personal, and the shaman often does the same, sort of King Solomon like.

To connect this to the topic of nihilistic animism, everything has a spirit which means everything has bonds, patterns of connection. Just as connections can exist in two states for humans, the same thing is true of everything else. Some people dismiss the idea of the world being more or less composed of spirits, because to them it just seems empty and arbitrary. They think things happen at random and for no real reason. But does human interaction always look different than that? Does everything everyone around you does seem meaningful? Intentional?

On the surface it looks random. I assume there is underlying intentions that have a pattern I don’t see. The assumed intention… That is even expected really. Psychologists think you are mentally deficient if you don’t automatically assume intention.

We even get mad at a person who tells us they did something without any reason. Or for no reason they were aware of. How often when you ask “Why did you do that?” do you hear “I don’t know”? Why should it be different with the spirits?

When you are sitting in an “empty” natural space in what way does it not act like a group of people? The air talks too much. It won’t shut up. Water too if it’s in the group. The earth just makes certain everything is in its place. Fire eats all the food, and yet people think there is no intelligence in these things because they don’t seem to respond to humans. Even the earth has a voice. It sings and humans and mumbles. It rarely shouts but does sometimes.

We called the highway the “river” in the neighbourhood. The highway was so much like water running. The voice of metal is still the voice of the earth.

Is there even truly anything “man made”? All of it’s products are by-products from nature. Nothing is truly man made. Some things are man twisted, man poisoned, but not man made.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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