Did the hippy revolution change anything? We still hear the same old meaningless rhetoric. There are ‘the power of now’ thumpers. They just switched the book.

Perception of Events from the Third Point in Conflict


Shall we do examples of life events and how they are perceived from the third point? I will need a bit of help here, if someone will pick a scenario.

A life decision like should I work or retire. Ok. So yes, you are sitting at home thinking about that. Seen from the normal way, it looks pretty clear if not a simple decision to make. Seen from the third point, you don’t think of it as a decision, but as a state of being. You explore how this state of being feels, what it relates to in other parts of your perception, and then you determine whether or not this allows for personal integrity. Is the flow right here.

If I feel threatened or optimistic? Yes. It’s like a branching artery from the heart. You feel the pressures built up around the channels of your behaviour, and you act to either clear one of those channels or adapt to the blockage. Sometimes the bad choice still has to be made, because the pressures it’s applying to your life are hurting you as a whole, and sometimes the easy choice is also the right choice and any change needs to be allowed to happen later when you have built up more energy. See how it differs from normal thought?

It’s why people give the advice “listen to your heart”? Yes. They just don’t give guidance for how to do that after the statement.

Simple truth here, any decision that ignored your strength of psyche will be damaging whether it seems materially gainful or not. In the longer run, you will always regret it and suffer in a wide variety of ways for it as you would if you voluntarily gouged your own eye out.

I see that in families. Parents want one thing and the kids want another and if the kid chooses for themselves then the guilt is used. Weddings come to mind. Scarred people making scarred people. Peoples centre of self is so scarred that mutilated is taken for normal.

In the retirement example, how do you tell if you’re feeling good towards retirement out of laziness as opposed to it really being time? Laziness is a thought pattern and comes from a feeling of energy loss, numbness, like having the blood flow cut off to an arm. Laziness is a compromise, because you believe you have to accept the numbness. You will always feel uneasy with laziness. People talk themselves out of using much of their awareness, so have adopted some really unhealthy mental shorthand, and everyone approves of this thinking. You will be praised for being a normal person, even wise.

My wife quit her employment not because she wanted to stop working, but because she had a need to do other things, and things that no conventional thinker would give her permission for. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. How this relates to third point consciousness is this… Ever notice how if someone accidentally bumps you, you excuse them almost without thinking?

I bumped a mannequin and apologized to it once. You do that because you recognize the limits of human bodily control. It’s just an accident. I have apologized to objects before. I actually recommend it, if only in private.

Well, when you are acting from the third point of consciousness, the nature of your behaviour will be such that even if other people don’t consciously understand it, it will impress them instinctively as honest and innocent. They will recognize it as right even if it doesn’t make sense, because it makes them also feel safe even though they don’t know why. For a little while, they feel just a bit more whole and aware.

I’ve met people who seem more spiritual than others and people are drawn to them. It’s like the paralyzed person watching other people move. They personally cannot move, but part of their awareness says that movement is possible and right. People like to be reminded that they have more in them than their thoughts show them on a daily basis.

They are kind of lit up. They seem to give you their full attention too. It’s actually easy. It comes as easy as noticing a shiny thing out of the corner of your eye. You can wind up noticing it even if you don’t want to.

Is there a fourth option? I do a lot of fourth option stuff. People typically think of it as magick. The fourth option is all the options ever. Choose all the options!

I’m not just being silly. Ever notice what shape we use most often to make our maps? Square. Grid. When you get past the third option, then you begin to see that you have a choice of location. Not just point of view, but point of life expression as a whole, like choosing an artistic medium.

I went to a lecture on medieval maps and they were totally different. A different way of seeing the world. They were symbolic. Jerusalem was in the centre and other places were laid out around it and where you were was how far from centre you were. That is the primal map, and in the end that is the map we will all make. The grid is just for understanding priority and proportion. They didn’t add the grid element and I wager they also didn’t really believe that choice of direction in life was really an option. Farmers have to be farmers because their family has always been farmer.

People didn’t travel unless they had too. It was difficult, and so the map had a different purpose. Yes. Spiritual orientation, and we still need that. So finding a symbol for the centre of your world might be a good start.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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