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How to Extend to New Energy Structures

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So how to use this? Tensions. Even strictly speaking from what is still a materialistic and increasingly more orthodox point of view, our neurons change shape, form new synapses or close down old synapses due to tensions built up by… Seek More

You Assembling You

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So far does it seem like you are a passive object in this distributed system of physics and information? Passive, hell yes, too passive. Just letting the current take me wherever. You are not. Learning, observation, the constant stream of… Seek More

Beyond the Body

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So with the Quantum Cheshire Cat effect, let’s say we wanted to measure all the physical traits that come together to make you as a physical object, yes? If we tried to point our testing device directly at you, where… Seek More

Quantum Level

Quantum Cheshire Cat

The Quantum Cheshire cat is a paradox that is proving to be true. What it amounts to is, though we think of things as being concrete objects, having distinct characteristics, the supposed object and its traits are not necessarily one… Seek More

Self Directed Belief

Chaos Magick

So back to chaos magick… Instead of conforming to a traditional set of practices and symbols that are traditionally seen to have meaning, the practitioner of chaos magick experiments with symbols, both traditional ones and ones that their experience or… Seek More

Knowing Your Triggers

Chaos Magick

Do you want the keys to the doors of your own perception? Ever notice how long an experience can linger with you? Like say how long a song can remain stuck in your head? Ever wonder why that happens or… Seek More

Belief Anchored in Experiences

Chaos Magick

I need to start believing I’m a playboy millionaire with fancy gadgets. You can’t just spontaneously believe whatever you might arbitrarily choose. Belief has to be anchored in experience. Otherwise, you are just making noise in your head. This is… Seek More

Become What You Are Not

Chaos Magick

We believe what we experience. We either control or are controlled by our experience. Which do you prefer? I prefer to control my experience. Do you know how to control your experience? I only watch movies at home. I never… Seek More

Core Question of Chaos Magick

Chaos Magick

So who lives in your head? Under what sea of imagination and concern? Before we talked about chaos theory and philosophy, today we are talking about chaos magick and a meta-paradigm of practice. Who’s on first? You are under a… Seek More

Observation in the Observed


Let’s look at the mind… how they have discovered the brain itself works and specifically memory. Memory is mortal. Ultimately, the traces of memory in the brain will be extinguished, modified and recycled beyond recognition. Those memories that seem to… Seek More