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Investigating the Universe

Hypertrends in the Wyrd

Causality is something neither denied nor well accepted by conventional scientific thinkers. Many are heavily invested in a world view where any apparent order is supposedly incidental. Science has not been able to refute causality though, nor causal integrity. The… Seek More

Home Fu

Creative Meditation

So shall we describe the ultimate creative meditation? With each activity undertaken mindfully, with growing depth of experience in this mindful activity, new associations can be formed. If you combine mindful cooking with mindful cleaning and household upkeep, you will… Seek More

Break Your Rules of Thought

Creative Meditation

In general, creative meditation is learning to break your own rules of thought in a conscious, self directed way, and the easiest way to do this may be in active mindfulness, active meditation. What’s something routine you do without thinking?… Seek More

Advocate for the Devil

Creative Meditation

Is being enlightened having everything you contact hold your interest? Ah, excellent question. It is. Compassion is having everything hold your interest. Artists feel compassion for their art. They describe their creative works as their children, even begin to imagine… Seek More

Full Immersion in Consciousness

Creative Meditation

I’ve heard that self talk goes away when one is enlightened. I’ve noticed that it goes away when I’m watching TV or a movie. What is going on there? Well, science has another word for the processes I have been… Seek More

Accessing Fluid Intelligence

Creative Meditation

Do you know how you think? Can you describe to me how a thought happens? I don’t think I can describe it, no. I know I can’t or at least can’t verbalize it. I see something and make an association.… Seek More

Exploring Sensory Experience

Creative Meditation

First off, what is meditation as you understand it? The practice of focusing in the present. Witnessing with clarity in continual interactions. A quiet, peaceful and inward process. All true. What is the purpose of meditation? A variety of purposes.… Seek More

Activity Occurs Through You


So any questions or comments about today’s topic of Meditation? Did I cover it adequately? Yes, very much. I liked the part about making your brain like a target and being aware of it without looking directly at it, and… Seek More

Striking the Target of your Brain


Attention is like breathing. If you want to understand the landscape, get to know it better before you try something purposeful, then watch what it does on it’s own. Watch where your thoughts and feelings go on their own. If… Seek More

You Experience You


What things become associated with what other things has nothing to do with those supposedly independent things. There are no independent things. Even you are not an independent thing. What gets associated with the next thing depends on your personal… Seek More