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People call illusion reality, and refute the real as illusion.

The Brain Weighs in Brains

Brain Neuroplasticity

The default mode network is the persistent element of your consciousness, your baseline persona. It contains all the information that we relate to preferences as well as feeling states. It prefers what allows its functional rhythm to continue undisturbed, again like a heart beat. The heart will even down regulate functions that disturb it too long or too much. The same happens with the default mode network, and your sensory signals all refer through it. Your supposed higher functions are all deaf, dumb and blind, so to speak.

So neural plasticity, neurons that fire together wire together, and the default mode network fires together the most reliably. The brain does everything it can to preserve that core network and seems rather freely willing to compromise any other, especially patterns out in the neocortex. Those supposedly related to judgement and the self. Strange is it not? All sensory signals are processed first by the default mode network. They are processed by your daydreaming dream like state, and when you are on autopilot, it’s the default mode network that takes over the task, drives you where you intend to go while you really aren’t thinking about very much of importance.

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And a good thing that is! Indeed. Otherwise, there would be many more ditches that I’d drive into. But if our so called learning and analysis and judgement is so important, why does the brain seem to care so very little about it? In my case, the network connectivity is even noticeably impaired, and more often than not my neocortex is left talking to itself.

The brain “CARES”? Well, it might be more accurate to say the brain weighs. It computes and prioritizes. It doesn’t perhaps care in the sense that we experience caring in our normal consciousness.

Now without thinking, you have no sense that you think up or actively create your dream images, do you? Without thinking, your default mode network, or dreaming mind, triggers signals out to the more remote regions of the brain.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever “thought” my default mode. No. Nobody thinks their default mode, they feel it. Thinking comes later. The signals from your default mode network govern your immediate short term work space. They structure how you represent information to your conscious awareness so you can’t imagine everything. The act of imagination is not a neutral field, not a blank slate. Select things are easier to imagine than others. Strange that this is true, no? Shouldn’t you be able to freely represent anything if your consciousness is really just a computational process?

Computers don’t like “IFY.” 0 or 1. They do not, no. Your imagination has a default behaviour, and your mind is constantly presenting you with the default operation of your imagination. It’s the stuff you can’t help but imagine that just seems natural to anticipate. You just expect it to be true.

I imagine what it might have been like to have operating systems with more than binary coding. Your brain signals are much more than binary coding. They performing parallel interference based processing.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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