'Dark Metaphysics' Chapter

Chaos Magick

There are very few frank and well reasoned discussions of the dark side of metaphysics. So I thought a class focused on the darker side of metaphysics might serve a valuable role.

What I classify as dark actually falls into what might be called the “shadowed” real of the already occult. This series on Dark Metaphysics is not for indulging anyone’s morbidity. Nor will I advocate the egotistical behaviour associated with many posers to the dark side. It may mirror for you your own path, and thus teach you more about your own way, and you may discover that it is your personal way.

What do you want to know about the dark side?

“The laws and descriptions which make up the literature of occultism can never be a substitute for experience. They indicate directions in which experiment may be made, and in many cases their validity may be known quite promptly to those who will pursue their indications with resolution and energy. They are not intended as a field for … speculation.” Hugh Shearman, An Approach to the Occult

Psychic Paths: Part 1

There are more paths than this. You may find in your practice that the reflective work is not clicking. There are common elements of the mind, but there are notable deviations also. Mine is one such. The Greeks used to… Seek More

Psychic Paths: Part 2

There is a force in the world that makes the frogs stay in their ponds and guides the birds in their flights. Makes all things seek their place. It is not outside of you, but has a connection to things… Seek More

Possession Phenomenon

Possession is a common theme for paranoid schizophrenics, but there is something real behind it and it isn’t what you see on TV or movies. We don’t exist in a world of matter and objects. We exist in systems of… Seek More

Identifying Possession

How to spot possession? It’s actually not that hard, and it’s also not that common. A deluded person will create a shallow schism. They will be projecting a role more than an actual different consciousness, and the mental processes thought… Seek More

Host and Entity

On the subject of exorcism, and partially why it doesn’t seem to work really well in this day and age, is for an exorcism to free the host it has to mirror the same process as the possession, sort of… Seek More

Necromantic Practice

We are discussing necromancy. Keep in mind, I can discuss many things that I may or may not practice. Necromancy is actually very simple, as well as being highly controversial. It has been called a lot of things, and maybe… Seek More

Sin Eater

What amounts to a necromantic practice is that of the Sin Eater. The Sin Eater was a person who performed a rite that is based on a Christian concept. Every sin must be atoned for, yes? If one could not receive… Seek More

Spiritual Sacrament

The tribes in Indonesia that eat the brains of their loved one’s are practicing necromancy? In a sense they are, but for them it hasn’t broken from their shamanism. So it is in a sense a spiritual sacrament for them,… Seek More

Occult Science

If you view a living soul a specific way then the dead are the same. A good bulk of the late medieval era/early renaissance necromancy had prayers to God, the Christian God, and many seemingly very pious acts, as did… Seek More

Aware of Spirits

Usually children or pets tend to be aware of the world differently. The young animals that have bonded with people, and the children not brainwashed by imperialistic schooling. So often, someone who has a surviving pet, or a child that was… Seek More